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Welding roller frame classification

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Welding roller frame which has several? Here is to introduce the welding roller frame classification:

Self adjusting welding roller frame

Self adjusting welding roller frame, is the use of active force and welding pieces of the wheel between the workpiece rotation driven positioner. According to the diameter of workpiece automatically adjust wheel swing angle, and can automatically aligning. It is mainly used for piping, vessels, boilers, tanks and other cylindrical workpiece assembly or welding, and when the welding operation machine, welding power supply facilities, can achieve internal and external longitudinal workpiece and inner and outer ring seam welding.

Adjustable welding roller frame

Adjustable welding roller frame by a driving wheel and a driven wheel. The active roller operation by two motors respectively drive operation, through a speed regulating motor, speed controller to realize stepless speed by frequency or electromagnetic speed. Workpiece rotary line rate of 6 - 60 meters / hour, can satisfy the manual welding, automatic welding, automatic submerged arc welding of various needs, and to meet the various riveting of workpiece with. Through the screw or screws to adjust the spacing of the main gear, the driven roller, to meet the needs of different specifications of the workpiece welding requirements.

Non self adjusting welding roller frame

Non self adjusting welding roller is a roller seat spacing by moving frame to adjust the rollers.

Anti channeling welding roller frame

Anti channeling welding roller frame in adjustable roller frame based on the driven rack wheel can be made into a lift, the movement detection workpiece photoelectric encoder, lift system controller to control the driven roller. Displacement detection frame on one end of the workpiece, detection of wheel pressure in workpiece surface (surface must be processed), detection of wheel rotates with the workpiece, when the workpiece moves axially, detecting wheel with workpiece with dynamic, photoelectric encoder to detect the workpiece movement and moving direction, the signal is input to the the system controller for processing. The controller will adjust according to the size of the driven roller movement of lift travel, lifting speed and lifting time interval, according to the moving direction control rise or fall. Movement of workpiece is always between the -1.5mm and the +1.5mm wave, so, the workpiece movement is limited to a certain range, can satisfy the need of welding.

The anti float welding manufacture and structure of the roller frame

1 anti channeling mechanical actuator

Welding roller frame axially in the dynamic, the weld itself is in spiral motion, if can take measures, the welding roller frame weldment left timely to right or right to left, until no longer until welding spiral motion.

At present, there are three actuator can accomplish this task:

(1) lifting type actuator

The follower roller frame side roller can do lifting movement, so that the weld axis deviation, but also the weight of the weldments produced changes to component. The adjustment way and has the advantages of high sensitivity adjustment, disadvantage is high cost, big volume.

(2) offset type actuator

The driven roller frame on both sides of the roller along the vertical center line can be used to offset, to change the axial friction force and welding pieces of the wheel. The adjustment way and has the advantages of high sensitivity, but the biggest drawback is that too much wear on roller.

(3) translational actuator

The driven roller frame on both sides of the roller and perpendicular to the weld axis move horizontally, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting welding axis and adjust the roller axis angle objective. The adjustment way and has the advantages of good stability, low manufacturing cost, simple structure, without occupying extra space for installation.

The 2 driving wheel speed control

To make smooth rotating welding stepless speed regulation, generally use the two driving modes: DC and AC variable frequency speed regulation. Because of the DC speed defects is high and the cost is also high failure rate, so the choice of AC variable frequency speed regulation. With the development of electronic technology, AC variable frequency speed regulation has been fully able to meet the demand of various tonnage welding roller frame.

In order to make the welding roller frame roller spacing adjustment is convenient and reliable, convenient combination, the design scheme of the driving wheel drive, drive each wheel individually by a motor and reducer. However, here we should pay attention to solve the synchronization problem of the driving wheel, in the selection of the motor and the speed reducer structure as far as possible to choose characteristics consistent and after actual use. In a driving way suggests the use of a drive source, each driving wheel motor in parallel manner.

Detection of the axial movement of the 3 welding

Objective to detect the axial movement of welding is to detect the welding in the axis direction of the moving displacement, in principle, can take on welding tube wall side detection way and in detection of welding end. The cylinder wall side detection can be not affected by welding end error, but this detection method due to the vertical rotating components to remove the cylinder wall, coupled with the impact of slip, cylinder surface roughness, dirt, so to create a reliable sensor is not easy. In the way of detecting the weld face detection methods at present is with the sequential, this detection is usually inevitably influenced by welding welding end face and the axis line vertically uneven impact, so by measuring the butt welding parts processing. But for large welding parts, the processing precision is high, the difficulty and the cost is greater. Can reduce the surface processing requirements, it becomes important to. For example, the axial movement process requirements of welding is not greater than ± 2mm, but welding the face roughness is greater than ± 2mm, under such conditions can prevent axial welding is one of the measure of anti channeling roller is an important indicator of the utility.

4 fuzzy control

For a welding, especially