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PetroChina Pipeline Company for six consecutive World Record

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Six thirty-eight on July 31st, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau through companies crossing project in a pull back successfully drilled in the CNOOC yamen channel orientation, and created a diameter 1016 mm, length 2700 meters of directional drilling crossing in the world. Since last 12 month after the date, pipeline bureau through the company has in the camp tie line in crossing, hubaoe product oil pipeline through the Yellow River, Jiangdu - Rudong natural gas pipeline three times across the Yangtze River for building 5 world records, sixth times to create directional drilling crossing the world record.

In 7 months the 6 world record, which makes the oil pipeline through technology to lead the world's ability to further highlight. China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Director Zhao Yujian think, "this is China directional drilling a great revolution in the history of business, is an important breakthrough of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau since 1985, leading Chinese oil and gas pipeline directional drilling since development, is Chinese directional drilling technology level and construction ability won the important symbol of the world."

It is understood, yamen waterway crossing is CNOOC Guangdong natural gas pipe network two item Zhuhai L N G lost control of key project of west line of gas pipeline, pipeline diameter 1016 mm, through the real length of 2700 meters, the main strata through which the whole weathered granite, gravel sand layer and the residual soil, geological and staggered, complex, is currently the world's long distance, large caliber, complex geological through comprehensive is the largest, the highest risk of drilling engineering oriented.

In view of the importance and implementation of Yamen waterway crossing project in the project of the difficulty in Guangdong Province, the construction unit of Natural Gas Pipeline Company Limited invited several directional drilling contractors bidding, finally through with 2008 in CNOOC beads in natural gas pipe mill knife gate waterway crossing to create "the world's first through the" outstanding performance remarkable performance and the competitive brands and into the Pearl River Delta market since the success in winning.

In December 7, 2012, yamen channel cable pipeline through the drilling, completed in January 24, 2013 to drag. In February 28th, the competent Road through yamen channel officially launched, in July 28th 10 when make, preset pipeline began to pull back in the rain, eleven sixteen conduit precision holes, and then take the wheel frame transmission, push tube machine power, rig towing "three pronged" approach to the implementation of drag tube, after 3 days and 3 nights in the underground through July 31st, a steel gas long drama, the world again in the pipeline crossing hands the birth of a new orientation.

From the Yamen waterway through another recent through the record set in July 27th. The nineteen forty, pipeline bureau through the company to the EPC general contracting construction of PetroChina west east gas pipeline in Jiangdu Rudong natural gas pipeline company three Taixing Furong section of the Yangtze River crossing by directional drilling engineering third times through a pull back, created a diameter 711 mm x 3303 meters in length of directional drilling crossing the world record.

This is in the oil pipeline crossing in the river such as continuous and natural gas pipeline crossing under third world records. The river such as pipeline 3303 meters of Yangtze River crossing by directional drilling engineering, between Jingjiang city in Jiangsu province and Jiangyin city for three times across the Yangtze River, is a river as the three phase of the project all key control project.